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Wrong Place, Bad Timing (Nick/Faith)

Title: Wrong Place, Bad Timing
Author: Ragna ([livejournal.com profile] goddess_loki)
Rating: PG
Classification: Nick Stokes & Faith Lehane
Summary: Faith gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Spoilers: Set in an AU, where Faith got a prison release instead of being broken out by Wesley. Set in S6 of CSI.
Disclaimer: If you don't recognize it, chances are it's my own creation. If you do, I don't own it. Joss Whedon, Kazui Sandollar, The WB, UPN, et. al. most likely do for the Buffyverse stuff and Anthony Zuiker, Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS, Alliance Atlantis, et. al. do with the CSIverse stuff.
Authors Notes: I've edited this one from its prior postage.


The cops said they'd found her standing over the body. She'd been trying to pull something out of her coat pocket, and they'd assumed it was a gun. She was arrested, and then her prints were run. She was bad news.

Nick Stokes knew all this, of course. He'd been briefed by Detective Vartann about her priors, and the scene. But some things puzzled him.

Her prints weren't on the murder weapon, only two finger prints on the neck, where a person would check for a pulse. She had no reason to be in that alley. And the thing she was trying to pull out of her coat? It was her cell phone.


Faith stalked around the interrogation room. Crap, this was not how things were supposed to turn out. She'd been sent to Nevada to follow the vamps there; apparently, someone was trying to reopen the Sunnydale Hellmouth in good old Vegas. They hadn't been able to do much, but just the feel of the demonic energy brought vampires there in droves, not to mention the demons and the like.

She'd been chasing this one vamp who hung out in the titty bars through the alleys, away from the glitz and glamour of the strip. The vampire collided into two men running in the opposite direction, but that didn't stop him, and it didn't stop her. At least, they didn't.

Their mess had.

She sat down and banged her head on the table. She should have just given up on the man and called the police after she dusted the vamp. But things had changed, she had changed. Faith banged her head again. She had to figure out how to get out of this mess.

As long as she paced, her mind could clear a bit, and she could think.


It was hard not to look at her and feel attracted, but Nick was trying. He was trying very hard. She was bad news, he knew it, and yet... As he watched the feline presence in front of him stalk around the interrogation room, he was starting to think maybe she hadn't done anything wrong. Maybe she was innocent...

"She isn't who she says she is." The female voice at his side startled him, and he looked at the fingerprint technician.

"Then who is she?"

Mandy handed her file to the CSI. "Faith Lehane. A murderer. Released, but still...bad news, right?"

"But she's innocent until proven guilty," he said, trying to give the attractive woman the benefit of the doubt. This was not like him; he was normally so gung ho to catch a killer. And then he looked up. She was staring at him. There was no way she could see him through the one-way glass, but still, she stared directly into his eyes. Her eyes told him something was unusual about her, something was worth investigating further.

He took the file and entered the room. "Is your name really Faith Lehane?"

"It is. I didn't change my last name after I got released," she said nodding towards the file. "As you can tell, I'm sure."

Nick nodded. "Your prints were at a crime scene."

"And who do you think checked the guys pulse and then tried to call the police?" Her chin went up and she looked defensive. "The time before was an accident. I thought he was..."


"A rapist," she said quickly. "I thought he was going after a friend." She shook her head. "Lock me up, do whatever...you're a hotshot. You'll figure out I'm right."

Nick said nothing and just nodded, because the truth was, he believed her. There were just too many inconstancies for her to be lying. Or maybe he just wanted the evidence to prove she was right.

She sat down and stared at her hands. "Look. A good friend once told me I had a second chance and I better make the most of it. When I saw the guy..." Faith spread her hands.

"You've killed someone before. Don't you know what a dead man looks like?"

Faith glared at him, and Nick wished he'd kept his mouth shut. "I do. But when I checked his pulse, it was faint. He was still breathing." She paused for a moment, looking back at her hands. "I guess he died while the cops were trying to meet their quota."

Nick let it slide, low blow for a low blow. He just stared at her. Then, making a decision he knew he may regret later, he said. "You should get a lawyer."

Faith blinked. "What, you don't want a confession?"

Nick shrugged. "Get a lawyer. You get one phone call."

"Can I make two?"

Nick nodded. "I've got the change."

"Don't worry," Faith said, standing up. "The other one's international. He'll take it collect."

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