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Name:Demonic Forensics
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Demonic Forensics
Welcome to Demonic Forensics, a Buffyverse, CSIverse and Supernatural AU fic series. We know Sunnydale had a Hellmouth, but what about other cities? What if people were trying to open all of them in a short span of time? What if some of the bad guys were good, and the good guys were bad? Who could you trust?

This is a series co-written by afteriwake and aaronlisa, based on a A:tS/CSI fic called "Geek Love." Over the years it expanded to cover all the CSI shows, as well as Supernatural. We will be incorporating characters from all three shows, and be focusing on three cities: New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The series goes AU at different points for each show, but by the time the series begins the beginning of the Apocalypse has started, even if it hasn't affected everyone involved yet.

This is the community for an ambitious, multiple author fic series that starts with Ragna's "Geek Love," a story pairing together Fred Burkle from A:tS and Greg Sanders from CSI. The object of this community is to get writers for the series, keep them up to date on ideas, and have a forum in which answers can be given to questions that we ([personal profile] penaltywaltz & [personal profile] aaronlisa ) have no doubt will be asked, as well as a place to post the fics aside from AO3.

The series takes place in an Alternate Universe: vamps are still vamps and demons are afoot. "GL" starts off a year before the series picks up again, setting the stage for an alternate reality in multiple fandoms (Buffy, Angel, CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY) used in this series. When the series picks up after "GL," all the Slayers will have their power with a few changes in the different fandoms:

- Darla died but was brought back from Hell to help restore the balance of evil in the world. Other villians may return as well.
- Connor was still taken by Holtz and returned, but Cordelia is not comatose, nor is she evil, so nothing with The Beast or Jasmine happened.
- Aiden has already left the NYPD but Lindsay does not replace her.

Each seperate show goes AU at a different point, and none of them are during the same year that their shows aired (I don't even think NY was on while A:tS aired). So far, here is where the timelines diverge:

BtVS - End of "Chosen"
A:tS - S4, which a few changes
CSI - S3
CSI: Miami - S3, not long after Ryan became a CSI
CSI: NY - S2
Supernatural - Diverges in S2
ragnarok_fic; fadeddreaming; affiliates
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