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Title: World Flipped Upside Down
Author/Artist: Ragna ([livejournal.com profile] goddess_loki)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I wish I did, but I don't. Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Zuicker, et. al. own the CSIverse characters and Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, et. al. own the Buffyverse characters.


"Fred, there's this guy looking for you," Sara said as she popped her head into Fred's lab. "Says he's from LA and it's urgent."

"What's his name?" Fred asked.


Fred's eyes widened. "Can you finish this? If he's here then it really is important."

"Sure," Sara said, giving her a slightly confused look. "Are you taking a lunch?"

She shook her head. "Maybe. Probably not, though."

"Well, get back soon, okay? Ecklie won't be happy if you're gone too long and not on a lunch."

"He needs to remember we're legally required to take fifteen minute breaks, too," Fred said as Sara came into the room and she headed out.

"Good point," Sara said with a laugh. "Go. He's in the break room."

Fred nodded and headed in the direction of the break room. When she saw him, she smiled widely. "Wesley."

Wesley grinned in returned. "Las Vegas has been good to you."

"Thank you," she said, giving him a hug.

"I'm afraid I'm not here to catch up," he replied as he pulled away. "Lindsey's been coming to Las Vegas on a fairly regular basis."

"Lindsey? You mean evil lawyer Lindsey?" Fred asked, surprised.

"Yes. He's been seeing a madam here," he replied. "Is there someplace else we could talk?"

She thought for a moment. "I can take my break outside. It's kinda quiet out there."

He nodded. "That works for me."

The two of them headed out of the labs, unaware that Greg had been standing near the doorway. He'd backed away as they got to the doorway, and then decided to follow them. Something about the way the Englishman talked to Fred made him jealous.

Once outside, Fred took Wesley over to a more secluded part of the parking lot. "Do you think him being here has something to do with Wolfram & Hart?"

"We're not sure. Giles was going to come here to check up on Faith, and--"

"Who's Faith?" she asked.

"The woman who almost killed Angel. It was before you were rescued from Pylea."

"Oh! The Slayer, right?"

"Precisely. She's been on a hunt here. There's rumors that a new Hellmouth is opening, and Giles asked for our assistance when he found out I was coming here anyway."

"Well, if a Hellmouth is forming, I wouldn't be surprised if the evil bloodsucking law firm is involved,"she replied.

Wesley nodded, and then smiled. "We've all missed you, Fred," he said quietly. "Comments like that remind me why."

"Well, I'm happy here in Vegas. I have a boyfriend, and a great job, and a normal life that doesn't involve demons and vampires and evil creatures that aren't demons or vampires."

"What are you talking about?"

Fred and Wesley whipped their heads around to see Greg staring at them. "Oh, God," Fred said.

"Who is he?" Wesley asked.

"Greg, I--" Fred began to explain.

He shook his head. "Demons, vampires...they aren't real."

"Fred, who is he?" Wesley asked again.

"My boyfriend," Fred said quietly. "Greg, they are real. I swear."

"I don't believe you," he said.

"Have you had a rash of victims with their blood drained out of their bodies?" Wesley asked.

"Yeah, but...it's a serial killer. A sick, twisted serial killer."

Fred shook her head. "It's a vampire."

"Serial killer."


Wesley shook his head. "Technically, you are both right. Vampires are serial killers." He sighed and turned to Fred. "You never told him?"

"How was I supposed to bring it up? 'The real reason I left LA is because the people who had rescued me from a demon dimension were starting to get overwhelmed by dark forces and I just couldn't deal with it anymore?' It's hard to bring up." She turned to Greg. "I'm sorry."

He was quiet for a few moments. "Proof."

"Excuse me?" Wesley asked.

"I want proof." Greg moved closer to them. "I'm a scientist, but...I do believe there's more out there. But I want proof."

"I could perform a spell for you. A protection spell...I was going to place it on Fred anyway," Wesley said. "She'll glow for a minute until the spell settles into her very bones."

"Fine," Greg said, crossing his arms. "Do it."

Wesley nodded and pulled a small cloth bag out of his jacket pocket. He opened it and took out some dust, sprinkling it on the top of her head and over her shoulders. He then pulled out a white piece of chalk and a small crystal. "Hold this."

She took the crystal. "I won't stink or anything when I go back inside, will I?"

"No," Wesley said with a small smile. He began drawing a diagram around her, a circle with strange language around the edges. When he was done, he stood up again and began speaking in a language Fred had never hears. His eyes went all white and slowly Fred began to glow white.

"Oh, shit," Greg said quietly, his eyes wide.

The glow began to fade as Wesley finished the incantation. "There. The spell is complete."

Fred nodded and stepped out of the circle, shaking the powder off hersel. "Thanks."

"It's real," Greg said. "It's actually real. Magic is actually real."

"And so are vampires and demons," Fred said slowly, moving over to him. "Greg, I'm so sorry I lied to you."

He nodded and then reched over for her. She hugged him tight, shutting her eyes. "You smell like cinnamon," he said, and Fred laughed.

"I can do the spell on you as well," Wesley said to them. "If you'll trust me."

"Please," Fred said, pulling away and looking at Greg. "I want you to be safe, too."

He nodded slowly and took the crystal from her, carefully stepping into the circle. "Okay."

"I think after this we may all need to have a long talk," Wesley said as he sprinkled the powder on Greg. "He needs to know everything."

"Do you think you can make it through the rest of your shift?" Fred asked.

"Yeah," Greg said, nodding just a little before Wesley sprinkled the powder on his head.

"We can head to my hotel room after you are done working. I'll have time to track Faith down."

"Faith?" Greg asked. "Nick's interviewing someone named Faith. She was found leaning over a dead body, one that was drained of blood."

Wesley stopped what he was doing. "That is not good news."

"Why?" Greg asked.

"We can't afford for her to go back to jail. I'm afraid I'll be calling in a favor. When we're done, could you tell me where she's at?"

"She's at the sherriff's office. I can tell you where it is," Fred said.

Wesley nodded. "Tell me as soon as I finish this spell."

Fred nodded as well, waiting for Wesley to finish the spell. Once Greg had stopped glowing, she moved over to them. Wesley began rubbing the diagram off of the ground. "I'll go back in when I'm done telling him," Fred said to Greg. "Are you sure you'll be all right?"

"Yeah. You take care of what you need to do." He grinend at her. "I can be a good actor. No one will know my whole world just flipped upside down."

"I knew there was a reason I loved you," she replied, giving him a quick kiss. "If I don't see you later, we can meet up at home after shift ends. I'll give Wesley directions."

"That works." He looked down at his watch. "I need to go back in," he replied before turning to Wesley. "See you later, then."

Wesley nodded as Greg turned and went back to the building. Then he turned to Fred. "You two live together?" he asked.

"He just moved in last month."

"And you truly love him?"

"Yes, I do."

Wesley was quiet for a moment. "Then I am very happy for you."

"Thank you," she said with a grin. "So, let me tell you how to get to the sherriff's offices..."
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