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Title: Life Shifted On A Cosmic Scale
Author: Ragna ([livejournal.com profile] afteriwake)
Fandom: CSI: NY/Supernatural/Buffyverse
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: None of the characters from any of these shows belong to me.
Author's Notes: Here comes Angell…


She had dreams.

She had expected dreams of her time in Hell; after all, it felt like she had spent fifty years there being tortured and torturing others. Instead, she got dreams of Hell on Earth, of vampires and demons walking the Earth and taking over everything. Of her and a group of people trying to stop them and failing miserably. The only people she recognized in her dream were Dean and the two people who had visited her that evening...everyone else was a stranger to her, but even in the dream she sensed they were real people.

It wasn't until a demon swung an axe to behead her that she woke up with a start. She was breathing hard, her hands clenched next to her. What in the name of all things had happened to her?

"It was a prophetic dream."

She jumped a little as she saw Malachi emerge from the shadows near her door. "You. Get out of my apartment!" she growled.

"God needs to know what you saw," he said. "For some reason, he gave them to you but he does not know what you see."

"And why should I tell you?" she asked, getting angry.

"Because it will help save lives. Including yours."

She felt the anger deflate slightly. She may have done bad things in her life, but she wasn't a monster, not really. She was a con artist and a thief, but she had, so far, never killed anyone for any reason other than self defense, and even then it had only been once. Unless you counted her deal with the demon and the death of both her parents, but that hadn't been what she intended, so she didn't count that. "I saw demons and vampires walk the Earth, and I saw a group of people trying to save the world and not being able to. The only people I recognized were Dean Winchester and two people who came to my door today to see if I was a demon. I assume Bobby Singer sent them."

"He did," Malachi said with a nod. "In a roundabout way."

"Who were they, really?" she asked.

"The woman, Buffy Summers, is a Slayer. Once, demons plagued the Earth and a group of magic users created the line of the Slayer out of one girl. There was always a Chosen One, until Buffy died and was saved by her friends. Then it became the Chosen Two, and finally, though magic, all Slayers that could ever be were awakened of their powers. Their job is to kill vampires and demons, though not the same type of vampires and demons you have faced. These are older, more primal."

"I didn't realize God created demons," she said.

"He did not. When He created the Earth, they came like a plague. It was...felt best to leave the complete story of creation out of the Bible, though Jewish people have stories about the Lillim, which is close to the truth."

"So God lied."

"No. God protected his creation as best he could. Even God had no control over demons who were almost as powerful as He is. This is why he allowed the Slayer line to be. It was their duty to rid the Earth of such demons."

She decided to drop that. "Who was the man?"

"His name is Daniel Messer. As he told you, he is a police detective. He has recently been helping Buffy take care of some vampire problems and other matters here in New York City."

She nodded slowly. "So they were on the up and up?"


"I don't know if I feel better about this or worse," she said quietly.

"I will speak to you at a later time," he said.

"Yes, about that. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't come visit me at night in my bedroom again. I would like some privacy," she said.

She could have sworn she saw a faint smile on his lips. "We shall see." And with that, he went back into the shadows and disappeared.

"Bloody angel," she said to herself, laying back down and hoping that this time she might actually get some sleep.


She wasn’t lucky enough to get some sleep, Bela reflected sourly as she got up to make some coffee the next morning. Any time she started to descend into deep sleep the dreams would start, and then she would wake up and stare out her window for a while before trying again. Around five AM she just gave up.

It had been like this since she came back, only the visions had gotten clearer last night. Before, they had been so jumbled that she was able to get some small rest since her brain didn’t focus on them. Last night, she feared, was a turn in the road that would mean less sleep for her. She feared that she would not be good company right now.

Then there was a knock at the door, and she groaned. “I should tell them to bugger off,” she muttered under her breath, instead heading to the door. She looked out the door into the hallway and relaxed. It wasn’t the return of the detective and the Slayer, though her visitor also happened to be a Homicide detective. She opened the door. “I do hope you’re not your usual chipper self, Jessica, because I don’t think I’m in the mood to deal with it right now.”

Jessica Angell grinned slightly and held up one of two cups of coffee. “See you made it out of Hell in one piece.”

“Luckily for me, apparently, God needs me.” She moved out of the doorway and let the woman in, taking the coffee when she brushed by. When Bela had set up her finances and such on the off chance she returned, there had been only one person in the city she trusted with the details. Their relationship was not exactly friendly, as it was based more off of mutual needs, but the fact that Angell had kept her end of the bargain proved that there was at least one person in the world she could trust.

“I took the amulet you told me to take for keeping everything up,” Angell said, holding her cup of coffee as she looked around. “Came in handy when I was dealing with an incubus.”

“You always did like the more unusual nasty creatures,” Bela said with a slight smile. “Now that I’m back, let me give you the book.”

“I actually didn’t come for that,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, I still want it, but I came to ask you a question.”

“Let me drink some of this coffee and I’ll see if I can answer it for you.” Bela took a long sip of coffee. “How did you know what coffee I liked?”

“I didn’t. You got the same thing I got,” Angell said, her smile widening a little more.

“You must tell me where you got this from. It’s better than the espressos I make for myself.”

“Place down the street from here, right over by the park entrance. I’ll show you some time later.” She took a sip of her own coffee. “Word has it there’s a Slayer in town, and she paid you a visit.”

“Yes, her and her man toy. Though I’m surprised he didn’t tell you himself.”

Angell paused. “Why would he tell me?”

“He’s a Homicide detective like you are.”

“Bela, who is he?” she asked very quietly.

“Daniel Messer.”

“Son of a bitch!” Angell said. “This whole time, he’s…and he didn’t…and she’s…”

“I assume you’ve met Miss Summers, then,” Bela said with a slight smirk.

“Yes, I have. I never would have guessed.”

“You never did actually guess,” Bela pointed out. “I just told you.”

“You know what I mean,” Angell said, moving over to Bela’s sofa and sitting on the back of it. “Who sent them?”

“Bobby Singer.”

“Ah,” Angell said with a nod. “Let me guess. Because of that stunt you pulled on the Winchesters he was keeping tabs on you, and when you activated that credit card he found you.”

“That’s what I’m assuming happened,” Bela said with a nod. “Though I think there’s an intermediary. Someone named Hammerback…Danny mentioned him under his breath.”

Sid?!?” Angell asked, her jaw dropping. “No way!”

“I get the feeling he’s deeply involved in whatever is going on with the two of them,” Bela said. “In a sort of boss capacity, at any rate.”

“Well, if Buffy’s a Slayer than he may be a Watcher. My mother mentioned those. She said they’re generally in charge of a single Slayer, and if that Slayer gets called they’re supposed to guide them in their fights against the demons.” She paused. “But they’re not our type of demons. Same goes with the vampires they slay. For some reason, they’ve all remained separate.”

“Until now, I assume?”

She nodded. “I went after a vampire a few nights ago and it accidently impaled itself on a tree branch and exploded into dust. I’d never seen them do that before. Then a vampire like I know and love went after me. Stabbed it with a knife covered in dead man’s blood and then called Robbie to pick him up, take him upstate and cut his head off.”

“Your brother always did enjoy that part of the job,” Bela mused.

“Sometimes I think he enjoys it too much,” she muttered. “I’ve been trying to leave more of the hunting to them since I made detective since my hours are all screwed up. I just don’t have the time or energy to properly hunt these days.”

“Well, it appears that that may not be an option anymore,” Bela said, taking another sip of coffee.

“Yeah, you may be right.” Angell looked at her watch. “I have to go soon, but there was something I felt you should know.”

“What?” she asked.

“Dean Winchester got sent to Hell, and Sam Winchester went a little…off the deep end,” she said quietly. “There’s a lot of bad stuff going down, and I hear he’s behind some of it.”

Bela was quiet for a moment. “So you’re telling me I should watch my back, if he finds out I’ve been brought back.”

She nodded. “I heard Dean’s back, but I can’t get anyone to confirm that. No one knows where he or Sam is right now. All I know is what I heard. If Dean’s not back, but you are, Sam may come looking for you to figure out how you got brought back so he can do the same for Dean.”

“I don’t suppose telling him it’s God’s will would make a difference,” she said.

“No, probably not.” Angell stood up again. “I think I may start hinting to Danny that I know what he’s up to now.”

Bela smiled. “I think it might be interesting to see his reaction to that.” She took another sip of coffee. “Thank you for the warning, by the way.”

“Hey, you’re not a bad person. You did bad things sometimes, but you’re not bad,” she said. “Least I could do was give you a head’s up.”

“I appreciate it very much,” Bela said with a nod, heading towards the door.

“I’ll pick up the book tonight. Eight okay? That’s when I get off work.”

“Eight is fine,” she replied, opening the door. “And thank you for the coffee.”

“No problem,” Angell said as she headed out into the hallway.

Bela shut the door behind her and contemplated it for a moment. Then she sighed and drank some more of the coffee. Her life was quickly becoming a series of one complication after another…
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